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This summer programme was established at the Programme for Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University in 1998 and offers intensive, high level study of law, policy and regulation in a range of communications sectors. This annual two-week programme is designed to introduce participants to the multitude of issues presented by the new communications technologies. Participants are able to focus on specific regional issues, and are at the same time exposed to a broad international perspective and a network of like-minded experts from countries worldwide.

More information is available on the summer programme's website.

In 2005, for the first time the Annenberg School for Communication joined this summer programme as the main sponsor.

Sessions focussed on, for example, the Internet (Web sites and regulation of hate speech), satellite (distribution and regulation of controversial channels) and advanced multi-channel digital broadcasting, all of which present extraordinary questions of law, policy and cultural change with impact on interactivity and direct marketing.

Visit the 2005 Programme's home page.

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Culture and politics in African media studies

This series of occasional papers will focus on contemporary issues within African media studies.

Preference will be given to research that emphasizes the particular cultural and political factors that have shaped the development of media systems and vice versa. Such issues could include, for example, the role of media in the nation and state-building process, the consolidation of political power, reconciliation (or its failure) and conflict/post-conflict situations. 

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